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If you’re wondering which is the best web hosting in India you probably already know what web hosting is in the first place.

For those of you who don’t know, web hosting is an online service that enables a person or a company to publish a site or web application on the Internet.

In other words, it is a service that provides space for websites to be present on the Internet. In fact, all sites on the Internet, need web hosting to host its files.

If you wish to know more about how web hosting works and what are the types of hosting, feel free to read my previous post on this topic.

To determine which hosting company is the best, we have to take into consideration and analyze quite a few factors.

That’s what I did.

I took the main ones by which you can determine a great web hosting company.

  • Uptime. Neither the website user nor the owner wants a website that does not load. That is why the uptime is a crucial factor for a business. The user won’t visit a site if it’s continuously down, and as a consequence, the owner will lose traffic and conversions. Look for a host that offers 99.9% uptime.

Keep in mind that uptime depends not only on a web hosting company but on your setups as well. If your website is running on old platforms, the chances of errors rise. It is recommended that you always upgrade your software to the latest version. Moreover, wrong configuration settings can be a cause of downtime too. So we don’t want a host with low uptime – we aim for the best possible one, right?

  • Support. Firstly, it is always best to have support available at your convenience 24/7/365 to consult you and solve any issues you might have. Secondly, I advise you to look for support that has a fast reply time. While the ticket system has a tendency to take longer for the issue to be solved, the Live Chat support helps you on the spot. Some companies offer phone support, but the agents, assisting you via Live Chat, can provide you with various helpful links and screenshots. Moreover, you can send the agent a screenshot of the error message yourself that will help the agent to get your site back on track even faster!
  • Tutorials. It is always beneficial to have Customer Support by your side, but also, check if your host has a tutorial page or a help center available. That way, you can learn by exploring hundreds of tutorials and how-to guides.
  • Server location. To get the best possible website performance, aim for a host that has servers available close to your website’s visitors’ location. Also, see if the host’s servers are well-performing as the location doesn’t always determine a great performance. Check the host’s status page for more information.
  • .in Domains. If you’re thinking about registering your website with .in domain, know that not all hosting companies sell .in domains, and you might have to look for a domain name elsewhere. Of course, you can always purchase it from another company in a matter of seconds! Just know that it takes some time to point it to your host. If you wish to know how it’s done, read this article.
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  • Payment methods. The most popular payment methods for hosting in India are paying by credit/debit card and PayPal, so your preferable host should have at least one of these options. The more payment methods the host has, the better. For example, with Hostinger, you have an option to pay by eight different payment methods, including bitcoin!
  • Freebies: SSL certificate, domain name. Usually, if you tend to buy a more advanced hosting plan for a longer period, you get a bunch of freebies. So, as a result, you get a better plan and don’t have to pay for additional features! Sometimes, you don’t even need to buy a more advanced plan to get something for free! Here’s a short article about three ways to get a free domain name with Hostinger.
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Note: check review sites and do the research before signing up with the hosting company!

In the end, finding the perfect host company will depend on your standards and needs.

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