Wed. May 29th, 2024

A few years back in 2016, Aamir Khan’s Dangal movie was released, and people had trended #LetsBoycottDangal and the reason was Aamir’s statement of 2015 about his wife (intolerance one). But, the film collected Rs. 387.38 crore. IMDB rating of Dangal is 8.3. it was a superhit.

Something similar happened with Padmavat. So many people boycotted this movie but it got success after the release. It also collected more than 300 crore and was a hit with IMDB rating 7.

Also there were movies of Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan like Fan, Tubelight etc that were supposed to get hit because of superstars in it but were flop and not liked by many.

I have not seen the movie LSC but heard reviews from few of my friends. If you compare last movies of Aamir with this then it is not upto the expectations.

Now a days people want entertainment and population of India is so much that no matter how much you boycott a certain movie, people don’t give a damn and will eventually go to watch the movie with their family and friends on weekends to get relax from day to day busy life “only if” they hear from others that movie is great to watch.

If LSC would have been so great then till now people would have know from someone or the other around. Leave IMDB rating, it will improve in few days but still it would not cross approx 6, not because of the boycott but the original content, story, acting etc of the movie.

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