Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

That’s what trailers are for.

Often the worst of films have the best of trailers.

But if a trailer of a film can’t keep you invested for a whole of three minutes, the film is doomed.

No enemy and no friend of the masses can take people for a ride any more simply because people are now spoilt by OTT platforms where they watch actors deliver their lines to perfection, emote like their lives depended on it, play everyday characters with elan, bat between the black & white with ease, straddling the greys, breathing character they portray.

None of which I saw Aamir Khan do in the “Laal Singh Chadda” trailer. Neither emote nor speak convincingly.

He acted like a retard whereas he was portraying someone in the autistic spectrum or someone a low IQ but high on determination. The nuance was clearly missing in Aamir Khan’s portrayal and the audience today knows better and expects better beca use of the two years of Covid when they, like the proverbial lion have tasted tasted blood in the superlative shows on OTT platforms not to forget the comparison they’re bound to make with the superlative original, Forrest Gump.

This original vs this copy…

The expression on Aamir’s face is a caricature of Tom Hank’s fine representation of the character he is essaying. Aamir Khan looks like a poorer version of his PK character — the raised brow to enhance a dumb look, the crazed eyes look he has when he seeks to show a different expression, grunts an umm and aah to denote that he’s doing a personality that’s not completely there.

Two and a half minutes that showed that this film would be a poorer copy of Forrest Gump & that if you had loved the former a quarter century ago, you should skip this remake.

That has nothing to do with the Hindu boycott.

If it were a good film, the boycotters would still be flocking to see it.

It’s bad hence nobody is going to the theaters to watch it.

Point for my argument being that the one the boycott gang loves, Kangana Ranaut was totally “rauted” in her latest film. It was bad and it tanked as did most of the recent releases.

The Indian audience is not gullible any more — they watch actors like Shefali Shah emote with her eyes and know instantly the difference between her and a Bollywood stalwart when they share space — the audience today sees how the big screen actors are unable to match upto the small screen actors and therein lies the reason why every Bollywood film is sliding off the charts.

Let not Aamir Khan delude himself into believing that the boycott is why his film isn’t doing well — enough people would’ve still gone to watch it if it were good.

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