Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

My father died. I went to a photo studio to make a photo frame for my father’s picture. The photo studio guy told me that the photo frames range from ₹200 to ₹5000. I chose the frame that costs ₹1000.

If a guy standing near me in the photo studio tells me,

“Your father is no more. The studio guy is making business out of your father’s death. You are being dumb to buy ₹1000 frame when ₹200 frame does the same job.”

Who is wrong here?

  • Is the photo studio guy wrong? Definitely not. I went to his photo studio on my own. He gave me options to buy which I want. He didn’t force me.
  • Am I wrong? Definitely not. I miss my father and it’s my choice to make a picture of him to feel connected to him.
  • Is my father wrong? How can someone blame my father who never asked me to make a photo frame? I am doing it out of my love.

The guy standing near me is clearly stupid.

Let’s apply same logic. Why the movie posters in his office are of nearly 3 feet? When a small size poster does the job?

Does Aamir Khan's movie, PK, really insult God and Hindu temples?

The movie is not wrong when it says 100 rupee Ganesha idol and 2000 rupee Ganesha idol work in the same way.

But think,

How many Hindus will you find who belive the bigger the idol the better chances of pleasing the god? I never met anyone so far.

The whole scene makes Hindus look stupid, that’s the whole problem. The people who are selling idols are not fooling Hindus.

The people selling idols are offering choices and people who are buying are selecting one of theirs choices. No force here.

If someone wants to pray without an idol, no one is stopping him.

Look at me, I hardly pray. I read Hindu stories. It is my choice.

The movie preaches without comprehending Hindu philosophy.

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