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You don’t even need a GoPro with the new GoPro Quik app to get a content feed of all your finest photographs and movies.

Do you frequently forget where you put your favourite pictures and videos? If so, the GoPro Quik app has been revived and can now assist you. A few years ago, it vanished. It was originally designed to automatically identify the best parts from movies and images, such as frantic scenes, jumps, extra-steady footage, and happy people, and then produce shareable videos without hours of editing.

It has returned as iOS(opens in new tab) and Android applications with the new goal of becoming everyone’s private content stream and the new method of operating every GoPro camera. Although it is a lot to ask of one app, there are many reasons to appreciate what GoPro is attempting with its new GoPro Quik app.

Initially available as a free download, Quik instantly downloads images and videos from your smartphone, regardless of whether they came from a GoPro, a DSLR, or another gadget. The latest version of the Quick app can also be used to control a GoPro, transfer content to a phone, and live-stream. However, unlike the previous iteration of the Quick app, it is fully platform agnostic.

Quik comes with 25 filters and 18 royalty-free audio tracks as standard, with unrestricted access to all features available for US$9.99/UK£9.99 per year or US$1.99/UK£1.99 per month.

You won’t lose any content if you’re still using the old Quik app because it will keep working until you download the new version. Similar to the current GoPro app, which will be updated to include this new Quik app in its stead. To view content stored in the cloud, GoPro customers (US$49.99/UK£49.99/year) must log back into their accounts. But to download the Quik app, you don’t need a GoPro camera.



GoPro Quik Review 2022

Your new private content feed will be Quik. The “Mural,” a hub area where all of your greatest and favourite pictures and videos are displayed, is essential to this. It has been featured since December in the GoPro Quik app. Post it to your mural, and Quik automatically cuts it into a music-accompanied highlight movie.

Quik app also comes with a variety of editing options, such as multi-speed video (great for bringing life to otherwise lifeless film), filters, themes, and music, if its brilliant AI doesn’t do it for you.

However, generating and naming a new video is required in order to save to the Mural. Therefore, you should only store content that you want to transform into an animated showreel in this location.



GoPro Quik App Review 2022

Quik has a modernised new appearance that is intended to appeal to anyone who wants greater control over their photographs and videos. The centrepiece of Quik is undoubtedly “Mural,” which can be seen as a swipe-down gallery or as thumbnails, with a pinch-to-zoom feature to switch between the two views. However, posting a shot to your mural still entail making a film and then choosing which pictures and videos to include in it, so it still takes work and organisation.

Quik walks a fine line because it must also be appealing to people who only want to use their GoPro. Happily, a tap on the icon in the top right corner of the app’s home screen will bring up the standard GoPro control software.



GoPro Quik App Review

The beat-synchronized highlight videos for the compilation are fairly basic. Photos are occasionally wrongly cropped in the short, focused, and zoomed-in footage, and the transitions between them are fairly simple. The basic re-ordering of films and photographs may be done with drag-and-drop, and adding new content is straightforward. Nevertheless, everything can be changed easily. Each image or video on a reel can have its exposure, contrast, vibrancy, and colour altered. It can also be cropped, clipped, filtered, and have text added. Videos can also have still images extracted from them.

The new multi-speed function, which enables you to change a video’s pace mid-clip, is the most stunning of all. That comes in really handy for situations like ski runs where you may go quickly and then slow down for jumps or other fascinating moments. Sadly, that function, along with a tonne of premium filters and music tracks, is only available to members.

Once you’re done, you can produce a share link, export the video to your camera roll, or upload it immediately to associated accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.



The new device-independent Quik software from the maker of action cameras features a slick new user interface with additional filters, tools, and music. It is a vast improvement over the original Quik app and a complete refresh for all GoPro customers. The star of the show is a “mural” page for organising your favourite pictures and movies, albeit it’s more focused on videos and requires a subscription to use all of its editing features, which likely turn off many.

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