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Sony cameras are well-known for their video and photo quality. People have been using Sony cameras for decades without ever complaining about them. However, capturing a video with a Sony camera might occasionally result in disappointment because the video is converted into an Sony RSV file. This problem could develop for a variety of causes, but we’ll show you how to repair the RSV file using sony rsv file recovery provider mohit data recovery..

sony rsv file recovery

Part 1. What is an RSV File?

When you record video with a Sony camera, the camera may occasionally malfunction and store the movie as an RSV file rather than an MXF file. Your hours of toil spent making the film may be in vain when this thing occurs. Opening the RSV files will be quite difficult because they are raw files. You must first repair the RSV file before you may access it; for this reason, using a third-party tool is recommended. We’ll outline the top data recovery program so you can effortlessly fix and retrieve the RSV file.

sony rsv file recovery

Part 2. How to do Sony Rsv File Recovery

Are you looking to recover Sony RSV files?


Repairing the Sony RSV files is a daunting task for many tools, but Drive Recovery Expert emerges as the best Sony RSV file recovery software.


It is a tremendous tool with eye-catching features and a straightforward user interface to help you recover data from hundreds of devices. The best thing about this tool is that you can retrieve the data from any device, irrespective of how you lost the files in the first place.

So, when your Sony file becomes RAW or RSV, and you’re struggling to find a way to access your files, no tool can serve your purpose better than Drive Recovery Expert.

So, there should be no difficulty in making a decision that you need to acquire the unique services of a Drive Recovery Expert to restore the data.

Sony cameras are known for their photo and video quality. They’re one of the best cameras in the world, used for decades. However, sometimes, they seem to function as if they’re not intended, and one example is saving files in RSV formats.

When you shoot videos from your Sony camera normally it saves the files in MXF format. But due to several reasons, it can start saving them as RSV files which are useless and can’t be used without using any compatible RSV opener.

If you’re also frustrated with the RSV file formats and can’t see a way to fix them, this guide is for you. Here’s the complete guide for recovering the RSV file at the convenience of a few clicks. So, let’s get started!

Part 3. How to Open RSV Files?

The RSV openers application is a reliable resource for starting RSV files. However, it would be helpful if you were to keep in mind that some RSV files have several file extensions. Therefore, in order to open an RSV file using software, you must have discovered the file extension.

There are several programs available that allow you to open RSV files, but only a handful of them are dependable and efficient.

The list of trustworthy Sony RSV file openers is provided below.

1. Moldex3D Viewer

2. Mohit Data Recovery

3. Ray’s Game System Player


4. Why do Sony MP4 files become RSV files?

There might be the following reasons behind your MP4 files becoming the RSV files.

  • Your Sony camera got turned off while shooting the videos.
  • If a power outage occurs during the recording, it could also lead you to the chaos you’re currently dealing with.
  •  Upon deleting the MXF files, they might get converted into RSV files.
  •  If MXF files get corrupted, they will become RSV files.
  •  A malware or virus attack could cause the issue you’re currently experiencing.

a7siii damaged video file

5. How to convert RSV file to mp4?

You can convert the RSV file to MP4 using various converters, including FileProinfo,, or File Type Advisor. However, converting the RSV file to MP4 might tinker with data quality. Thus, you’re recommended to use the AnyRecover to repair the corrupted data, which will help you access the Sony camera files in original quality.

6. How to repair a Sony RSV file?

If you’re worried about your Sony MXF being turned into RSV files and want to repair the files, you can go for the RSV File Recovery Expert.

It is intelligent data recovery software that helps you scan the Sony SD card, and then you’ll be able to get the corrupted files back on your PC. Luckily, it only takes a few minutes before getting your data recovered.

7. How can I read the RSV file?

Opening the RSV files isn’t easy, as you’ll need to acquire the services of software like RSView32 to serve your purpose.

However, you can take the services of  RSV File Recovery Expert to repair the RSV files by recovering the files into MXF files. This way, you don’t need to look for other software to open the RSV files.

8. About Mohit Data Recovery

I am expert of Sony rsv file Recovery, I can Repair, Recover, Fix or Restore your corrupted and damaged video file, support to the latest cameras or devices and formats,

  • Broken, corrupted or damaged video file: .MOV, MP4, MXF, DAT, MDT, .RSV, CRM, AVI, 0 byte, H.264, H.265, 4K, 8K etc.
  • Repair Broken, corrupted or damaged video file after drop, dead battery, interrupted or unfinalized, incomplete copy of your file was not copied completely from memory card or disk.
  • Recorded by Digital camera, mobile, camcorder, drone camera, dashcam, OBS software, VMIX software, recording software, hardware encoder etc.
  • Supported: Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Nikon, JVC, Olympus Samsung, GoPro, Fuji Film, iPhone, DJI, GoPro, ATOMOS

i will recovered your video file in original resolution and quality with perfect recovered Video and audio keep synced and editable with Edius, Premiere etc,.

For your 100% satisfaction, i can provide you preview of your repaired file before order

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