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Everyone’s favorite preset and everyone loves to use presetsPresets are used on computersand mobile phones. Everyone wants to edit photo quickly using presets. When you enter in Facebook or Instagram, all the edited images can be seen. Most of them are photos made by Moody Presets and VINTAGE PRESETS These images are edited by this preset, so the image is a professional type. So everyone uses this Moody Presets and VINTAGE PRESETS 

What is the DNG file means?

The .XMP file that we use for lighting and photoshop on the computer. The files that I use for just the lightroom software are files in the .lrtemplate. The files that are used on mobile are the DNGformat files. No other file format except the DNG file does not work on mobile.

Can I create a preset for the lightroom app on my mobile?

You must take your computer or laptop to create a preset. Without a computer or laptop, you will never be able to create presets. It is not possible to make a presets with mobile.

How do I add DNG presets to Lightroom mobile?

If do not have Adobe Lightroom App on your mobile, then download and install it now.
You can download by clicking here. Adobe Lightroom CC – Photo Editor

Open the Lightroom on your mobile phone. If you do not have the Lightroom app on your mobile, then download the link below. 



Lifestyle Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets GZ8ACZ4 1

2105366 Lifestyle Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets GZ8ACZ4
XMP, DNG | 22 Mb


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  • Compatible with the Lightroom Mobile app (DNG files | iPhone & Android)
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom CC desktop program (XMP files | Mac & PC)
  • Compatible with all image formats
  • One-click presets

Photos on the preview are used for demonstration purposes only. 

I hope this post is helpful for all new mobile lightroom users.
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