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Top 10 Moody Dark Lightroom Presets: Dear Friends, Many of you will enjoy this moody dark presets of lightroom, and you may have tried one or two of them, but today I’ll present you the best 10 moody dark presets for Lightroom. It will be incredibly simple for you to utilize in the Lightroom mobile app, and you’ll see 10 various melancholy, dark Lightroom presets.

Lightroom Mobile presets can be a valuable tool for photographers and mobile photography enthusiasts, as they can help achieve professional-looking edits quickly and easily on smartphones and tablets. Many photographers and content creators also sell or share their preset collections, allowing others to apply their unique editing styles to their own photos.

Dark Tone Lightroom Presets Free Download 2023

What is Lightroom Mobile Presets?

Presets for Adobe Lightroom Mobile are pre-configured options that you may use in the Adobe Lightroom Mobile software to edit your photographs. Adobe Lightroom is a potent photo editing and management program used by photographers and enthusiasts. Lightroom Mobile is a well-liked mobile version of Lightroom. With only a few taps, presets in Lightroom Mobile let you rapidly give your pictures a unified appearance or feel. In essence, these presets are a group of modifications and settings, such as exposure, contrast, color temperature, saturation, and others, that have been stored and packed for re-use. They can aid in streamlining your photo-editing procedure and preserving an identical visual aesthetic throughout your photographs.

After using a preset, you can further modify and fine-tune the alterations to give your shot the desired appearance. Additionally, based on your editing preferences, you can make your own presets and save them for later use.

Presets for Lightroom Mobile can be a useful tool for photographers and fans of mobile photography because they make it quick and simple to edit photos on smartphones and tablets while maintaining a professional appearance. Many photographers and content producers also market or distribute their preset collections, enabling others to alter their own photographs in accordance with their distinct editing preferences.

About this Dark Lightroom Presets

Dark Lightroom Presets are a group of pre-set editing options created to give photographs a gloomy and atmospheric appearance. These presets are frequently used to improve shadow detail, add depth, and give photos a dramatic or cinematic sense. To create a dimmer and eerier style, they frequently desaturate colors while adjusting contrast, exposure, highlights, and shadows.

Dark Lightroom Presets are used by photographers and content producers to evoke feelings, tell tales, or create a specific mood in their images. These presets are particularly well-liked for portrait, landscape, and urban photography since they have the ability to turn unremarkable shots into arresting and alluring images. They offer a rapid and effective method for developing an impactful and consistent editing style for images, making them an important tool for artistic expression.

About this Dark Lightroom Presets

Dark Lightroom presets are a creative tool used by photographers and image editors in the field of digital photography that enables them to create particular visual effects and moods in their images. In this lengthy conversation, we will go deeply into the world of dark Lightroom presets, examining their nature, operation, uses, and influence on photography as an art form.

It’s crucial to comprehend what Lightroom presets are in general before getting into the intricacies of dark Lightroom presets. A potent software program for organizing and manipulating photos is called Adobe Lightroom. Presets are collections of predefined modifications and settings that can be applied to photographs in Lightroom with just one click. These changes can be made to a picture’s exposure, contrast, color balance, saturation, sharpness, and other elements. Photographers may easily and reliably change the appearance and feel of their pictures by using presets.

How to Use Adobe Lightroom Presets?

Dark Lightroom presets are an effective tool for contemporary photographers, enabling them to quickly and easily produce dark, dramatic, and emotionally charged photographs. They have had a big impact on how photographers express their creativity and tell tales through their photos, and their applications range from portraits to landscapes. Dark Lightroom presets offer an accessible and effective way to produce amazing and evocative results in photography, whether you’re a professional photographer trying to maintain a consistent style or an enthusiast playing with mood and atmosphere.

Want to know How to Install Lightrom Presets on Mobile or Desktop?  lightroomUtilizing Lightroom presets on Adobe Lightroom Mobile (Lightroom Mobile) is a time-saving method for swiftly applying preset editing settings to your photographs. An instruction manual for using Lightroom presets on a mobile device is provided below:

  1. Open Adobe Lightroom App: Open the Lightroom Mobile application on your smartphone.
  2. Select Photo: Click and hold the image you wish to alter. By doing this, the editing interface for the image will open.
  3. Open the Presets Panel:You’ll notice a number of icons at the bottom of the screen. Select the three horizontal sliders-shaped icon by tapping it. The “Presets” section is seen here.
  4. Open Preset Collections: You may find several preset collections and categories in the Presets menu. These could be user-made presets, presets included with Adobe products, or presets you’ve downloaded or bought. To explore a collection, tap on it.
  5. Apply a Preset: You’ll see a list of pre-set options in the selected collection. Tap on the preset thumbnail to apply it. The preset’s settings will be instantly applied to your shot by Lightroom Mobile.
  6. Settings Adjustment: You can further alter the appearance of your shot once the preset has been applied. To fine-tune the image to your liking, use the editing features offered by the program, including exposure, contrast, saturation, and more.
  7. Save Changes: To save your changes after you’re through editing, touch the checkmark or “Save” button.
  8. Export or Share the Photo: You can export or share the altered photo if you wish to utilize it elsewhere other than Lightroom Mobile. To access sharing and export options, tap the share/export icon, which is typically represented by a square with an arrow pointing up.
How to Use Adobe Lightroom Presets

On-the-go photo editing and styling is made simple and quick by the use of Lightroom presets on mobile devices. It’s a useful tool for mobile photographers and content producers who want to keep their photographs appearing consistent or try out different editing techniques.

Phone Requirements

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is available for both iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Depending on the version and the device you’re using, Adobe Lightroom Mobile’s specific system requirements may change. Here are some general system requirements and factors to take into account as of my most recent knowledge update in September 2021 for running Adobe Lightroom Mobile:

iOS (Apple) Devices:

The following should be present on iOS devices that can run Adobe Lightroom Mobile:
  • iOS 14 or later on an iPhone or iPad.
Please be aware that because of their upgraded hardware capabilities, newer iOS devices typically offer faster performance and a smoother experience with Lightroom Mobile.
Android Devices:
The system requirements for Android devices can vary greatly depending on the brand and model. On their website, Adobe does list the compatible devices. You will typically require an Android device with:
  • 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer versions of Android.
  • For better performance, RAM of at least 4GB is required.
  • When editing images, a smartphone with a more competent processor, faster GPU, and higher quality display will typically offer a better experience.
  • As system requirements can change with app upgrades, it’s crucial to check the specific requirements on the Adobe website or in the app store for the most recent information.

How to Download Dark Lightroom Presets?

Presets for Lightroom can be downloaded from Google Drive with little difficulty. Presets are commonly exchanged as files with the “.lrtemplate” or “.xmp” extension, depending on the version of Lightroom being used.  It is very easy to download Dark lightroom presets. First of all you have to click on the download button, after that you just have to wait for a few seconds and then click on the download button, after that the downloading of your free Lightroom presets will start.

Free Lightroom presets can be found on a variety of websites and other places. Photographers, bloggers, and other content creators frequently create and share these presets in order to aid others in achieving various looks and styles for their photographs.


There are numerous free Lightroom preset websites available online, and the ones listed above are some of the best. By using these presets, you can enhance your photos quickly and easily, and create stunning images with just a few clicks. Just remember to use presets responsibly and customize them to suit your specific image. With these 21 Free Lightroom Mobile Presets websites, you can take your photo editing to the next

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