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Without any prior official warning, the well-known Battle Royale game BGMI has been removed from the Google Play Store and App Store. The game can still be downloaded from the App Store, though. In response to MySmartPrice’s request for a comment on the development, Krafton’s development team has responded. MySmartPrice has received a comment from BGMI in which it claims to be elaborating on how the game was removed from the Play Store.

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In an official statement, the sources claimed, “We are clarifying how the game was removed from Google Play and will let you know as we have particular information. Once we get a better understanding of the situation, we will update the story.

BGMI Taken Down

BGMI Removed From Google Play Store And App Store: Here’s What We Know So Far

BGMI Taken Down

The Android Google Play Store appears to have withdrawn Battlegrounds Mobile India. However, Apple users can get it from the iOS App Store. Many users have been reporting the problem to Krafton, but the cause of the game’s removal from the Play Store is still unknown.

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Android users may play it without any problems, and all of the in-game stuff is functional. As of the right moment, new users are unable to download the game from the Play Store because Google appears to have removed the app. We have observed apps being temporarily removed from the Play Store and then afterwards reinstated, so it may be a bug or error on Google’s part.

This does remind of a similar situation, although while Free Fire was mysteriously deleted from the Google Play Store when it was banned earlier this year. A few days later, the Indian government ruled the game to be illegal. Only praying that is not the case.

Krafton’s statement

Recently, Krafton’s CEO, Hyunil Sohn, took to Twitter to deliver an official statement regarding the BGMI ban. Check out the tweet below:

It seems that Krafton will try to ensure that its Indian gaming market isn’t lost to a permanent ban. After the ban of PUBG, Krafton moved away from any association with Tencent and provided gamers with the BGMI substitute. Certain minor changes were made to reduce the in-game violence and comply with the standards set in the country. Only time will tell if BGMI’s ban from the Play Store will be permanent or just another incentive for further change in the Indian mobile gaming scene.

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