Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

Grand Theft Auto 5 player has posted a video online showing a chain of events that result in an odd parking spot for their airplane. The player is trying to hit another GTA 5 player and their black sports car with a jet plane. However, the head-on collision is avoided, although not due to either of the players’ avoidance but thanks to a tree that clips the wing and sends the plane out of control.

Unlike in early GTA titles, GTA Online players can not only choose to drive a car or a truck but for example, ride in a speedboat or fly a jet plane. This brings all sorts of new and interesting physics challenges, which are perfectly showcased in a recent video posted by Reddit user hoodpoet06, who took GTA‘s third-fastest plane, a B-11 Strikeforce, for a spin. The player was flying above Los Santos and turned their plane directly at a car traveling towards the Las Lagunas Boulevard intersection.

However, the intended collision with the car was interrupted by a tree that hit the plane’s left wing, not unlike in another GTA glitch with an NPC, and turned the plane off-axis toward a nearby building while slowing it down. To avoid hitting the building, the player tries to turn the military jet around, glancing at the Rockford Plaza shopping center. The blow turns the plane against the building, and it spins as it is falling out only to be caught by the light fixtures for the wall poster. And just like that, the player managed to land a jet plane on the side of a shopping center, although hardly by design.

Vehicle and environmental damage is an important feature of the franchise, albeit not meant to be a simulation. However, in this case, the physics modeling of the crash has some hilarious consequences that simply couldn’t happen in the real world. Firstly, both the tree and the wing seem nearly indestructible, while the top end of a streetlight comes flying off. Secondly, there’s not one scratch on the building, and even more impressively, the light fixture can hold one of GTA‘s most expensive jets in place.

The comments on the thread show amazement at both the circumstances that had to be in place for this gravity-defying GTA stunt to happen and the incredibly strong screws the light fixtures were attached with. Unfortunately, some of the more popular requests, like how does getting out of the plane work now and can it be repeated, remain unanswered.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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