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Indian Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets are perfect for the photographer who wants to make their photos pop with vibrant colors. This is a free set of presets in Lightroom, for downloading and using in your own images. These are the best free lightroom presets for Indian weddings.

Indian weddings are largely about their colors, clothes, and rituals. They are especially known to be colorful and vibrant. There is so much to see in Indian weddings that it can be difficult for photographers to get the right shots.

Free lightroom presets for indian weddings

Indian weddings are never complete without capturing the essence of the day in photographs. Wedding photographers are always on their toes to get the best shots.

There are many people who believe that wedding photography is an art but it is not just about capturing emotions but also about getting that perfect shot.

To capture the best pictures at weddings, you need to have extensive knowledge about Lightroom presets, equipment and techniques.

This can be researched over the internet or you can also download some premium lightroom presets for Indian wedding photography from online stores which will make your job easier.


  • Start editing like a pro with our extensive library of wedding presets for Adobe Lightroom.
  • A perfect blend of Indian and Western wedding photography presets, with an option to choose between warm or cool tones.
  • Enhance your images with the best Lightroom presets for weddings, free mobile and pc lightroom presets, free lightroom presets for indian weddings, indian wedding presets for lightroom, premium tones.
  • Enhance your wedding photography with these beautiful presets designed for Indian weddings
  • All of the preset work will be done in a few clicks. You’ll need a program that can import presets, such as Adobe Lightroom
  • 10+ Premium retouching tools to give your pictures that professional edge

How to Use Lightroom Mobile Presets:

  • Download the zip file on your mobile.
  • Open Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Mobile
  • Import any one photo in your living room
  • Open the photo and tap on the presets tab.
  • Click on the three dot menu on the top right and select the Import Presets option.
  • The File Manager opens, select the Lightroom Presets zip file.

How To Use Presets on Adobe Cameraraw:


  • Unzip your file.
  • Place your .xmp (adobe camera raw) files Open the explorer and find the path:
    (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
  • Copy and paste the xml files into this folder


  • Open the Finder and find the path: (user)/Library/Application
    Support/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings
  • Copy and paste the xml files into this folder

Indian Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets Free Download

This is why there are presets that photographers can download free of charge or purchase pre-made to help them figure out how their photos will turn out before they take them. Lightroom Indian wedding presets free download.

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