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What is Powerplay?


Play Cricket Quizzes!

Play cricket quizzes and earn a chance to win BIG prize money!

Powerplay is a 360-degree fan engagement platform for cricket. Powerplay provides the means for you to experience the real DREAM, real FANTASY. Create your teams, join contests and earn money. It is gaming done right, it is gaming simplified. Fantasy gaming is one face of the experience. The vision is to be Everything Cricket. We are new, we are full of energy and we are creating products to revolutionize the way fans consume cricket.

Contests are running for 1st Inning and 2nd Inning Separately. What does this mean?

Unlike other Sport Fantasy apps where you join contests for an entire match,  Powerplay allows you to join contests for shorter duration – First and Second innings.

By this, users end up playing more and winning more hence win much more

Results of 1st inning contest

Results of Contests running for 1st innings  will be declared based on performance of players who have played during the first innings only

Similarly, Results of Contests running for 2nd innings  will be declared based on performance of players who have played during the 2nd innings only

Do all contests on Powerplay have confirmed winnings?

Yes, all contests showing as active on Powerplay for any match are confirmed. This means that the contest will run even if minimum players join.

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How do I verify my account/complete KYC on Powerplay?

To withdraw any amount on Powerplay, your account needs to be verified as per the regulations set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

To verify your account, Please go to 

Profile > Withdraw option > Submit PAN details and Bank Details

Verification is completed usually within 48 working hours.

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How do I withdraw money from Powerplay? What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

NOTE: Only Winnings Amount can be withdrawn on the Powerplay App

To place a withdrawal request , first finish the account verification procedure

Once verification is complete, you will be able to see an option to enter amount that you wish to withdraw. Minimum Winnings should be greater than 500 to place a withdrawal request.

Enter the Amount, Place the request

Withdrawal amount will be processed in the next 48 working hours

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