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Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Download | Top 10 Santorini Blue Lightroom Presets

Everyone’s favorite preset and everyone loves to use presetsPresets are used on computersand mobile phones. Everyone wants to edit photo quickly using presets. When you enter in Facebook or Instagram, all the edited images can be seen. Most of them are photos made by Moody Presets and VINTAGE PRESETS These images are edited by this preset, so the image is a professional type. So everyone uses this Moody Presets and VINTAGE PRESETS 

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Free Lightroom Mobile Presets Download | Top 10 Santorini Blue Lightroom Presets
DNG | 44 Mb
“Santorini Greece” Lightroom Presets for dreamy white and blue tones: These bright colors and vibrant tones of blue and turquoise come with mobile and desktop .DNG files. The blues have deep moody tones, the whites are airy and bright. A number of presets have special Pinks and Violets fpr flower highlights in them to make to beautiful Santorini flower bushes pop. They are a perfect fit for everyone who’s looking to transform their social media feed or galleries into a stylish and cohesive collection of your photography. Make your camera and mobile photos look trendy and full of life – just like Santorini your pictures will look elegant and chic.

What’s inside ?

  • 14 + 1 Free Bonus Lightroom preset files applicable for desktop + mobile
  • Installation Guide as PDF document with easy step-by-step Guide
  • Presets made for Adobe Lightroom Mobile & Desktop
  • works with free mobile Lightroom App Editing is compatible with .jpg, .png and .raw images
  • Bright and vibrant look and feel of photos, color focuses on reds and blues

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