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Since the teaser was released, Om Raut’s Adipurush, starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon, has gotten a lot of unfavourable feedback. Poor visual effects and the distinctive appearance of the Ramayan characters have drawn criticism from the audience. However, the director has been making an effort to defend his film, and now Ramanand Sagar’s son Prem Sagar has spoken out against it.

One of the most enduring television dramas about mythology is Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. Additionally, Om Raut revealed in a recent interview that his Ramayan had a significant influence on him. Prem, Ramanand’s son, then offered his perspective on the matter.

Prem Sagar defended Om Raut in an interview with the Times Of India and questioned, “How can you restrict somebody from inventing anything?” He continued, “dharma changes with time” and “Om Raut did what he felt was appropriate” in the same talk.

Prem Sagar declined to take sides in the discussion and stated that Om Raut didn’t call his movie “Ramayan,” thus in his opinion, he hadn’t done anything wrong. He continued by saying that Om would have cancelled the production if any inaccurate portrayals had been made due to his “culture and upbringing.”

Well, it’s not only the viewers; the head priest of Ayodhya has also criticised Adipurush’s preview and called for the film to be banned. However, actors Sunil Lahri and Dipika Chikhlia have also offered their opinions on the matter.

Om Raut defended the picture by discussing the criticism that Adipurush has been getting in an interview with Indian Express, saying, “The film is made for a larger medium—the big screen. You can reduce it to some extent, but not to the level of a mobile phone.

In the upcoming movie Adipurush, starring Prabhas as Ram and Saif Ali Khan as Ravana, the release date is set for January 2023. How do you feel? Inform us!

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