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The CapCut video editing mobile app is well liked by the community of people who enjoy video editing because of its usefulness, the variety of functions it has to offer, and how simple it is to use on mobile devices. The CapCut app is unfortunately only compatible with mobile devices; it was not designed to work on desktop computers. Are there any reliable CapCut alternatives that run on PCs and laptops, a question that many of our users have asked? Excitingly, we’ll be revealing the top 10 CapCut substitutes for Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and Online on this page.

Due to the fact that CapCut is a free video editing tool, we have reason to suspect that you’re seeking for free video editing software for your computer. As a result, this page solely introduces free CapCut alternatives for PC. No worries—they are just as effective as the ones that cost money. Let’s first go through how to use CapCut templates.

What is CapCut and is CapCut Available for PC?

One of the most well-known video-focused social platforms, TikTok, uses the all-in-one video editing programme CapCut as its default video editing tool. TikTok receives billions of visitors every single day. Since CapCut is a free video editing tool for iPhones and Android phones, it can essentially accommodate the needs of every creative.

CapCut does not, however, have native support for desktops because it was created for mobile phones. That’s undoubtedly disappointing for those who have grown accustomed to the CapCut’s layout and functions.

Update: CapCut is now available for PC; the PC-compatible CapCut Pro version was just made public. Learn how to use CapCut on a PC by reading our most recent guide.

4 Best CapCut Alternatives for Windows

I’d like to start by introducing some popular video editors, such CapCut for PC.

You’ll discover in this section about various top-notch desktop video editors for Windows PCs, like CapCut. The following list contains the top 10 free, simple-to-use Windows software that are similar to CapCut in terms of capabilities like splitting, velocity editing, filters, effects, stickers, text, and music adding.


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Overall, FilmForth, a free and feature-rich video editing tool similar to CapCut for Windows 10 and Windows 11, is the best video editor similar to CapCut for PC. Trimming, cropping, adding stickers, chroma-keying, adding transitions, adding great special effects, and even creating a YouTube intro from templates are all covered.

It offers an easy-to-use interface and can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store with only a few clicks. The finest CapCut programme substitute for Windows is watermark-free, multipurpose, free to use, and user-friendly for beginners.

– Read the FilmForth video editor

Filmora 11

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Popular video editing software from Wondershare is called Filmora. On Windows PCs, the most recent upgrade, Filmora 11, with its limitless customisation choices, has made it a fantastic replacement for CapCut. Its export videos contain watermarks, which is the only flaw. Recently, we figured out how to convert Filmora’s video sans watermarks to MP4.

– Read the Filmora 11 review to find out more.


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– Read the VideoPad Review to find out more.

HitFilm Express

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The feature of HitFilm Express that I personally adore the most—and the reason it resembles CapCut—is that it offers users access to a collection of more than 600 video special effects, including flashes, glitches, blasting, and other effects. Normally, you would need a paid membership to a video editor like Premiere Pro to add this many effects, but HitFilm Express was able to do it, just like the CapCut app on your phone.

– Read the HitFilm Express Review to find out more.

3 Best CapCut Alternatives for Mac

Here are the options for Mac PC users after introducing the top CapCut alternatives for Windows. The top 3 video editors for Mac computers are listed below. Their user interfaces and functionalities are fortunately linked with the Mac operating system, and they perform admirably on Mac PC.


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The free video editing programme iMovie that comes pre-installed on your iPhone, Mac computer, and Mac laptop is the second best video sticker editor. It may be used for simple video editing tasks. On your Mac computer, there is a preinstalled video editing programme called iMovie that you may use to perform simple video editing tasks like adding text and music to videos.

– Read thee iMovie Review to find out more.

DaVinci Resolve

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You may edit your films on Macs and Windows PCs with DaVinci Resolve. The same project may have as many timelines and versions as you choose. There is a free version of it that is equally accessible to beginners. With it, you can swiftly and effectively carry out complex editing tasks like copying the colour grading from one film and pasting it to numerous clips. DaVinci Resolve is the finest CapCut replacement for 3D videos because it supports 3D media.

– Read the Davinci Resolve Review to find out more.


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The Lightworks video editor is worth mentioning if you’re looking for a non-linear video editing tool with features comparable to CapCut. One of the major benefits is that although it was previously only accessible through payment, you can now download a free version that is completely functional. Lightworks is not only simple to use, but it is also so effective that it is even employed in movie productions. Lightworks seems to be a compelling alternative to CapCut and other video editing programmes when compared to many other possibilities.

– Read the Lightworks Review to find out more.

3 Best CapCut Alternatives Online

Do you intend to look up CapCut online? If that’s the case, I can promise you that there isn’t an official CapCut online editing app; instead, all you’ll discover is a page where you can download CapCut for iOS and Android. There are numerous trustworthy and secure online alternatives to CapCut, though.

The top 3 online video editors outside of CapCut are shown below. The majority of them may be used online via a web browser like Chrome as web-based services. They can use Chromebooks, Linux, Mac, Windows, and other PC operating systems.


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With the help of the online video editing tool Kapwing, you may edit videos on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. in a web browser. Although Kapwing has a premium plan, they provide a substantial amount of video editing features for free, and the exported videos are watermark-free.

When working with larger video files, it occasionally experiences sluggish issues or incorrect errors, but overall, its performance is satisfactory.


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Another online video editor, Clipchamp, is comparable to the CapCut app for mobile devices. The editing tools in Clipchamp have both fundamental and expert components, and the user interface is tidy. Similar to Kapwing, the quality of online video editors can depend on the length of your video clips and the speed of your internet connection, but they generally work well.

Even if you haven’t received any formal training in video editing, Clipchamp makes it simpler to communicate your stories through video.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

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Previously known as Adobe Spark, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a free, integrated task-based online video editing service. Video editing newbies may edit videos in an engaging fashion with just a few drags and drops using its online and mobile apps. Additionally, even non-technical people may create beautiful videos, exactly like on CapCut, using the prepared editing templates and designs.

CapCut PC Alternatives: FAQs

Can You Get CapCut on PC?

No, you can’t get the CapCut app on your PC, not directly, as CapCut is designed for mobile phones and is incompatible with PC operating systems. However, there are workarounds such as using an Android emulator, which allows you to use the CapCut app on a PC. But if you find it troublesome, always try the recommended CapCut alternatives for PC in this post.

What is the Best CapCut Alternative for PC?

As we have already mentioned in this post, the best CapCut alternative overall for PC is FilmForth. FilmForth is a free video editing program for Windows that is watermark-free, feature-rich, and easy to use.

Is There a CapCut Video Editor for PC?

Currently, there’s no CapCut Video Editor for PC, however, there are some other free video editing apps that are just like CapCut, and they can work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other PC systems. They include FilmForth, Filmora X, VideoPad, and more.

Is There an App Like CapCut for PC?

Yes, there are some great PC applications that have CapCut similar features and interfaces, including FilmForth, DaVinci Resolve, Filmora X, and more. And you’re about to find 10 CapCut alternatives in this post.

Is There a CapCut Online No Download?

No, CapCut is a mobile application that only works on Android and Mac PCs. There’s no CapCut online that allows you to edit videos online without downloading.

What’s the Best CapCut Alternative for Android?

There’s an ocean of video editing apps that work on Android and Mac that have similar features as CapCut. And in our opinion, the best CapCut alternative for Android overall is the KineMaster app.

Why is CapCut Not Working?

The video editing app CapCut may stop working on your mobile phone because of internet connection issues, exceeded cache storage, system bug, crashing issues, older versions, etc. A practical way of resolving the CapCut not working issue is using a CapCut alternative app instead, you can easily the best CapCut alternatives from this post.

To Sum Up

That’ll be all the best video editors like CapCut but work on PC! According to the test results, these video editing apps are functional and are just like CapCut when working. I hope you like what I have introduced and have found yourself a solid CapCut alternative for your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. Any insights? Please share with us in the comment section below!

And if you’d love the information about CapCut alternative editing apps, read also our post on 8 Best Video Editing Apps for iOS and Android in 2022.

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