Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

At the beginning of this month, there was a rumor that the PlayStation Showcase could be taking place in August. This came way of known insider Nick Baker, who at the time, also stated his source suggested it could be moved. From the onset, this rumor seemed unlikely because every PlayStation Showcase so far has taken place in September. Now, with August almost over, there seems to be a new rumor circulating from several sources that the showcase takes place on September 8.

Indeed, it should be noted that a PlayStation Showcase soon is likely just because of past patterns. This is much bigger than a State of Play, and the PlayStation Showcase of 2021 set a high bar for this year’s event. At the last event, Sony and its partners revealed and showcased a number of games, including the KOTOR Remake, Alan Wake Remastered, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gran Turismo 7, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Wolverine, and God of War Ragnarok. Seeing so many big names at one event was more than exciting for the platform’s future, and this event has to follow up all of that.

The September 8 date has been shared by a number of sources online, with it spreading around social media. Nick Baker was also given this date by his source, which he shared online in an obviously blacked-out screenshot. According to Baker’s source, he was told September 8 by of their sources within twenty minutes. This date was also selected to get ahead of the upcoming Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, which is taking place on September 9. If this rumor is true, it could prove to be a good couple of days for fans.

If this were any other company, then it would stand to reason that fans would learn more relatively soon. However, Sony’s announcements tend to come a little closer to the event. Most State of Plays, for example, are announced on the Monday or Tuesday of the week they take place, with the event happening on the following Wednesday or Thursday. Meanwhile, the 2021 PlayStation Showcase was announced about a full week before, but then the 2020 showcase was just four days before.

There’s no doubt fans will be excited about a potential PlayStation Showcase, but they should remember these are just rumors for now. As it stands, if this is taking place, it’ll likely be announced early in September, so fans have to get through the rest of this month before this rumor could be proven true or false.

The PlayStation Showcase is rumored for September 8.

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