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XAVC is a recording format that was introduced by Sony in 2012. This format is used by any recent sony camcorders like the ILCE-7M3, A7R3, 7M3…

Regarding the format specification, XAVC uses an uncompressed LPCM audio track with an H.264 video codec. The H.264 format used by XAVC supports colour sampling at 4:2:0, 4:2:2, or 4:4:4 and can have 8, 10, or 12 bits per sample. (Note: HEVC is the video codec used by the XAVC HS format.)

However, how may damaged or corrupted XAVC files be repaired?

1 – Even if Sony cameras are really great, they can produce corrupted video files in some circumstances:

  • Turned off device during recording. An unfinalized video file is a video without header – This kind of video files without header will not be playable. Sometimes you will only get an RSV file.
  • Out of battery or battery failure during recording
  • Accidental deletion of the file

2- So what can you do if you have a corrupted video file produced by a Sony camera ?

Mohit Data Recovery is the ultimate video repair service, and we will help you to recover your lost video files. Repair damaged XAVC files is easy with Mohit data recovery. We repair XAVC video files on a daily basis with great success.

ALL you have to do is to upload your damaged XAVC video file with our online drive space. We support all sort of file’s extension (MOV, MP4, RSV, MXF…)

Sometimes, when your files are coming from a data recovery process after erase/format, filenames are replaced by found headers during the scan process like ftyp, mdat. Don’t worry, we are able to repair this of files too.

3- With The Mohit Data Recovery online Service, you will get:

  • A complete diagnostic
  • A free preview of the repaired video
  • Customer support. An expert is always here to answer your questions

Repair damaged Sony XAVC files is now easy for you.

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