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Free Fire is one of the most prominent battle royale games on app stores. The game offers an in-game currency called Diamonds. It can be used to purchase many attractive outfits, weapon skins, vehicle finishes, and other items in the title. Also, a player can buy the Elite Pass with the help of these diamonds.

This article guides players on how to get free diamonds in Free Fire without top-up and hack.

Free diamonds in Free Fire

#1 Participate in giveaways

Free Fire Diamonds Giveaway (Image via Layernoob Gaming YT)
Free Fire Diamonds Giveaway (Image via Layernoob Gaming YT)

There are many Instagram pages and Youtube channels that host regular giveaways on their respective platforms. Players looking to get free diamonds in Free Fire can check out these pages and channels.

It is easy to participate in these giveaways, and with some good luck, players can get free diamonds directly in their account without having to do any top-up or use any hack or application.

#2 Play in custom rooms on YouTube

Free Fire custom rooms
Free Fire custom rooms

The second method to get free diamonds in your Free Fire account is by participating in custom rooms on YouTube channels.

Many channels host daily custom rooms for their subscribers to enjoy and often reward the winner with some free diamonds in their accounts. Players can also win an Elite Pass by playing in custom rooms on YouTube.

#3 Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

The last tip to earn free diamonds without having to do a top-up or hack is by installing Google Opinion Rewards. It is one of the best apps to earn real cash in your Google account. A user needs to answer some surveys, and Google will later reward them with real money.

NOTE: Players are advised not to use any kind of Free Fire Diamond hacks on their accounts. It may lead to a permanent ban on their accounts from Free Fire servers. All their hard work and time will go in vain just for the sake of some diamonds from fake websites.

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