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Facetune2 (MOD, VIP Unlocked) || Facetune Mod Apk Free Downlaod

Facetune 2 Free | Download Unlock Version of Full FaceTune:- Worthy Apk 

                                                          Facetune2  – Selfie is now a trend that everyone loves, even if it is young people to high school students. Selfie to share images of individuals, about moments around them and share the region with people through social networks like Instagram or Facebook. It is this need of everyone, so the phone manufacturers are always trying to find new technologies and integrate them into the camera to provide users with the best quality photos. However, no matter how high the resolution of the camera is, it is difficult to create “eye-catching” images for users. Facetune is a practical solution, a useful tool for you to take photos and edit your photos freely. Just adding a bit of effect, editing portraits or a little scenery can make your photo sparkle. Facetune supports a lot of features and probably will be your close friend in taking selfies.

Facetune2 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)


Do you have a skin with a few imperfections, not white and smooth skin? Do you have eyes that aren’t big enough and bright? Facetune will remove all your shortcomings with compelling toolsets for you to edit portraits. First, to smartphones, you will select any photo in the album. Then use the smooth or smoother tool. These two tools help you remove dark circles in the eyes or dark spots on the face. You just need to enlarge the image and swipe up the selection; the disadvantages will immediately be removed. Or if you want to make your face slimmer, with the V-line, select the Refine function, then stretch or shrink the face as you like. In addition to these modes, Facetune has a range of other portrait editing tools such as adjusting the brightness of the teeth, making the eyes bigger, brighter and changing the eye color. Change hair color, remove hair damage, or hide the hair that is not in the right place. Adjustable eyebrows are more sharp and tidy. Raise your nose high, zoom in, zoom out areas in the image. Adjust your lips, become brighter and have more vivid color. Remove fonts, blur the surroundings to emphasize portraits, edit lighting, add shadow effects. Rotate, flip, crop images,… and more.

Facetune2 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)

In addition to portrait editing tools, Facetune also has exceptionally useful filters. Sometimes, you just need to use a screen that makes the photo a lot more professional. Filters have many themes, with lots of beautiful lighting and shadow effects. However, you are only provided with a few common filters; the rest will be charged to get them. Facetune offers a special feature that allows you to compare the difference of the image before editing and after editing. On the right corner of the screen, there is a small blue icon. You just need to tap and hold to see the image without editing.

Facetune2 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)


Facetune, a photo editing and editing application with a variety of useful tools and filters that will turn your selfie photos into more sparkling and artistic. Who doesn’t like to have good pictures, right? Facetune also supports players to connect with social accounts. From there, you can share your photos directly, more simply and easily. Do not miss the Facetunetrends

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