Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


Dual Tone Editing Secrets🔥|| Creative Color Effect in Lightroom || BITTU EDITX

How to add dual tone color effect using picsart and lightroom. In this video we will learn the process about making a dual tone effect. First of all open your image in picsart. Now the first step is go to the draw option. Second step is fill the color and blend on screen mode. 3rd step use some effects and pngs. 4th step add any colour PNG. Now save this image and open it in lightroom application. now inside of lightroom application go to selective tool after that take a gradient tool and make a selection between left and right then you some sliders to make it colourful and the last step is that add some details on it and you are good to go. 👉 Pngs Link – 👉 Follow Me on Instagram – 👉 App Link – PicsArt App – #DualTone #Lightroom #Selective #Picsart #ACEDITION Thank You & Keep Creating ❤️

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