Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Call of Duty Mobile – Season 2 has been released

Activision has released the first major update for Call of Duty Mobile. It marked the start of the second season in 2021. And the developers already have a tasty gift for all players – a free character Charlie, which is already in the inventory; for all newbies, this will be the default operative. Also, Activision continues to fight against cheaters who move quickly. Not without a new Battle Pass; if you have it for free, you can get the basic weapon AS VAL. This is a rapid-fire rifle with serious damage and quiet sound; you have to adapt to it. Besides, you can open the ability Napalm, which is activated after a series of murders.

Call of Duty Mobile has two new maps: the classic Shoot House and Shipment from Modern Warfare. There is also a new mode where players will only fight with sniper rifles. In Battle Royale, tank battles are available, including the ranked mode. You can also ride a truck in this mode; there are two places where you can sit, and the rest of the squad is placed in the back.

Not without fixes and optimization. One of the main improvements is matchmaking, especially for Legends. All changes can be found in the original post.


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