Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

True confidence—as opposed to the false confidence people project to mask their insecurities—has a look all its own. One thing is certain: truly confident people always have the upper hand over the doubtful and the skittish because they inspire others and they make things happen.

This is Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, an Indian diplomat and politician serving as the Minister of External Affairs of the government of India since May 2019.

Behaviors of a Confident Person

The Interviewer : Mr Jaishankar there will always be two axis. At this point I think it’s an understood fact that we have the US led west and the China led next potential axis. So where do you think India fits into?

Dr Jaishankar : This is exactly where I disagree with you. This is the construct you are trying to impose on me and I don’t accept it. It’s not important for me to join this axis and if i am not a part of this axis I need to join the other. We are 1/5 th of world population, 5th largest economy. I am entitled have my own side, I am entitled to have my own choices and my choices won’t be cynical and transactional, but there will be a balance of my values and my interest. There is no country in this world that disregard it’s interests.

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