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Adobe Premiere Rush (MOD, Premium)

App Name Adobe Premiere Rush
Publisher Adobe
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 84M
Latest Version
MOD Info Premium Subscription
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Update March 17, 2021 (12 hours ago)

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Most of the impressive videos are edited on the PC platform, but few people think that the mobile platform can bring the community to shock with masterpieces. Thanks to professional applications’ support, people can easily create outstanding videos or pictures, and they are intuitive amongst the platforms. This article will introduce one of the most professional video editors, Adobe Premiere Rush, developed to provide users with the most useful and professional features for mobile platforms.



Almost all mobile editing applications always prioritize the user’s flexibility and mobility with the application’s features. Adobe Premiere Rush is no exception, and all of its features or functions can easily interact with pre-installed operations. Users can personalize the interaction with the interface and change the editor’s general mechanisms and improve the interaction ability. Not only that, but the features can be personalized or customized with a wide range of options, helping users to work more efficiently than with other applications. For this app, the user experience is a top priority, and at the same time, it comes with many exciting and novel features that stimulate everyone’s creativity and capabilities.


Adobe Premiere Rush’s flexibility and initiative is an advantage many users love, and it comes with an integrated camera for users to record with the best quality. Furthermore, the camera is enhanced by an intelligent AI that improves FPS, resolution, and focus. In other words, the app’s camera is far superior to the default camera, giving the user good conditions to record a video. The app’s video recorder can be easily customized and personalized, giving users more access and interaction than the default camera. Users can also quickly access the camera with special gestures or actions on the home screen to record the best quality.


Adobe Premiere Rush’s main function is to edit videos and give users many compelling options to make their videos more magnificent and impressive. The application possibilities are endless and even stimulate the user’s creativity and continually give them discoveries with each function. Moreover, the effects library of the application includes audio and visual, which come with many useful tools for users to search and limit their search results. However, they are not an impressive thing, but the best part is the multilayer editor, which allows users to edit more than two videos at once and interact with them like, cut, merge, blend, etc.


Video colors can be changed easily per frame or the whole video, thanks to the changing filter and color customization. Moreover, the application can easily help users change the color of any object on each frame, thanks to AI’s flexible help. All filter options are fully personalized, and they come with various attractive effects or tones for users to be creative and design their distinctive style.


AI’s support in today’s editing industry is vital and essential, helping users correct small and difficult details while improving productivity faster. Adobe Premiere Rush will integrate a superb AI with attractive features and various customization for users to improve the user experience. Not only that, but AI will automatically intervene in the user’s actions, helping them edit and insert effects more reasonably and accurately, creating a feeling of fluency and smoothness for the video. The greatness and usefulness that AI brings are great, helping users feel the application’s professionalism and effectively taking advantage of the application’s skills.


A video will be boring if there is no background sound or suitable effects, so the application will integrate a lively sound library for users to enjoy. All effects are divided into different categories, and users can use smart filters and preview modes to insert appropriate selections easily. Besides effects, a free music library will help users become more creative and stimulate viewers’ feelings. The application’s sound editing engine makes it easy for users to synchronize all audio files with segments of the image and even apply suitable slo-mo effects so that the sound matches each frame.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a professional editing application with endless possibilities for users to explore and experience. All of the above are just a small part of the app, and everything can even be customized or personalized for users to enjoy exploring the app with their imagination. If you are looking for an adaptive and versatile add-on editor, Adobe Premiere Rush will be a worthy and optimized candidate for you.

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