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What is Android.PUA.DebugKey? How to Fix it?

What is Android.PUA.DebugKey? How to Fix it?

Have you recently downloaded an APK file from a third-party website? After downloading the file you may have scanned the file for malware on Virustotal. The scan results on VirusTotal may have detected an issue called Android.PUA.DebugKey. Now, you’re curious to know about Android.PUA.DebugKey. In this article, I will explain Android.PUADebugKey in simple terms and […]


What is Android.PUA.DebugKey? Is it a virus or not?

There are many people who are worried when downloading APK files from the Internet. So they use a tool called VirusTotal to scan them. For MOD APK files, 99% of this tool will warn about Android.PUA.DebugKey. So, what is it? Is it dangerous? What is Android.PUA.DebugKey? All APK files must be signed before they can […]