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Would you like to surprise your contacts by putting a different font in your WhatsApp chats? Well, it is quite easy, here is how to get it



Changing the typography or font of a cellphone today is very simple. Most devices already come with several fonts installed as standard. But just because we see a font on our screen does not mean that the person we are communicating with through a chat will also see it.

If we want to change the font in our WhatsApp chats, we will have to resort to a special keyboard. This is how it is done.


How to use different fonts in WhatsApp

Modifying the font of our WhatsApp chats is quite simple with this trick. And we can use not just one alternative source, but hundreds of them. However, we are going to have to use a font app. In this guide, we are going to use Fonts.


First steps in the Fonts app to change the font type on an Android phone

Once downloaded and installed on the device, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Fonts app.
  2. Tap the Activate button on the Fonts keyboard.
  3. Activate Fonts in the menu below (on-screen keyboard available).
  4. Exit and re-enter Fonts and tap the second button on the main screen, Switch to Fonts.
  5. Select Fonts from the drop-down menu to use the app as the main keyboard.
  6. If you wish, you can test the multiple keyboards in the following screen.

Configuring the Fonts app to change the device's font type

Once this is done, it is time to test the fonts in WhatsApp. If we have done everything right, the Fonts keyboard will appear directly when tapping on the chat text box.

The outcome of using the Fonts keyboard in a WhatsApp chat

To choose the different fonts available, simply slide the horizontal menu from right to left. Once you see a font you like, just tap on it and start typing. Both we and the recipient(s) of the message will see the message written in the chosen font.

How to write different formats on WhatsApp

Examples of the different text formats accepted by WhatsApp

What WhatsApp does include is support for changing font formatting. That is, to write in bold, italics, strikethrough, and monospace (typewriter). However, there is no specific button, but a combination of special characters must be used. It is achieved as follows:

  • Bold: write text between asterisks. Example: *malavida*.
  • Italics: write the text between underscores. Example: _malavida_.
  • Strikethrough: write the text between tilde. Example: ~malavida~.
  • Monospaced: write the text between three backticks Example: “`malavida“`.

It may be a bit complicated, but all these formats can be combined as desired. The function has many uses, although, at the moment, there is no button to change the format automatically.


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